What does it all mean? why should I be bothered? what is the purpose of it?
Read below to find the answers and if you have a question thats not covered feel free to email it to the We Are Everyone Project.

  • What does ‘We Are Everyone Mean’?
  • How can we be ‘everyone’?
  • Six ways of knowing ourselves
  • Whats the purpose of ‘We Are Everyone Project’?
  • Why ¬†and when was this project started?
  • What are the future plans of ‘We Are Everyone Project’?



Six words
Six concepts.
The start of six conversations.

Every time someone is photographed for the We Are Everyone Project, they are asked a question and it starts with ‘Why?

Why is love important?
Seemingly simple, ‘because it is!’
But really? can we put into words the meaning behind the most important aspects of being human, and if so what does that say about ourselves.
Once you have asked 20 people why love is important you start to see connections.
We are part of something bigger, and are connected in ways that we sometimes forget or choose not to see.

We all want and need the same things. Those same things all resonate with us in ways that highlight how much we have in common.

We are everyone, and we a linked by our collective understanding of life.

Watch the videos below to see this interconnectedness in action.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Everything from what the future plans of We Are Everyone Project are to my inside leg measurement* (*inside leg measurement not included).

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