I don’t remember, I really don’t.
Nearly everyone I know can recall events from their childhood.
I can remember very little, and what I do remember is nearly always a memory thats prompted by a photograph.

For me, taking photographs is part therapy part necessity.
A way of locating myself within a context, within the surroundings I find myself in at that moment in time, even if I am rarely in the photographs now.

“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.”
-Dorothea Lange

Learning to see is going to take me all my life, and along the way I continue to be blessed by many wonderful experiences (those that I can remember at least). Sharing those blessings is a joy.

Every small interaction, each chance meeting, reaffirms in me the desire to keep on crossing the road to say ‘hi’ and find out another persons story. Every time enriching my own.